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Working principle of general relay

2021 07 14

Working principle of general relay:

Universal relay is a kind of relay which can be used in a certain field or many fields. The relay is a kind of electrical apparatus which makes the controlled quantity change in a predetermined step in the electrical output circuit when the change of input quantity (excitation quantity) meets the specified requirements

When the input value (such as voltage, current, temperature, etc.) reaches the specified value, the controlled output circuit is turned on or off. It can be divided into electrical quantity (such as current, voltage, frequency, power, etc.) relay and non electrical quantity (such as temperature, pressure, speed, etc.) relay. The utility model has the advantages of fast action, stable work, long service life, small volume, etc. It is widely used in power protection, automation, motion, remote control, measurement and communication devices.

Relay is a kind of electronic control device, which has control system (also known as input circuit) and controlled system (also known as output circuit). It is usually used in automatic control circuit. In fact, it is a kind of "automatic switch" that uses smaller current to control larger current. Therefore, it plays the role of automatic adjustment, safety protection and conversion circuit in the circuit.